• Herd Production and Profitability

Cow Production

“Belmont” In the harsh Belmont environment, Belmonts produced 20kg of weaning weight per cow mated more than the Brahman Cross (Fig 19). “Narayen” In a more benign environment Belmont cows produced 15kg more than the Herefords on both Spear grass and Improved pastures (Fig 19).


Earning capacity

“Brigalow” Economic analysis demonstrated that the Belmont herd produced 20% more income than the Hereford herd and 12% more than the Simmental herd.

Economic value

“CRC” An economic analysis showed that replacing Brahmans in the Northern herds with a highly adapted Composite with high fertility, high carcase and meat quality, and docility like the Belmont, would increase gross margins by up to $24 per adult equivalent when grass fed, and up to $76/adult equivalent when grain fi nished. In contrast a rotational crossbreeding programme using Brahmans would only increase gross margins by $7.


In harsh and benign environments Belmont cows were more effi cient for weaning weight production than British and Brahman crosses. In the North using the Belmont would be less complicated and more profi table than a rotational crossbreeding programme.