• Management

Calving Ease

“Brigalow” The calving ease and high calf survival of Belmonts, reduced the need for supervision and allowed large labour savings as compared to Herefords and Simmental. This also resulted in higher turnoff rates for the Belmonts, making them signifi cantly more profi table and easier to manage than the Hereford and Simmental.


“Belmont” Crush and bail assessments of temperament showed that Belmonts reacted signifi cantly less violently than the Brahman Composites to handling and constraint.

Conclusions on Management

Belmonts are renowned for their docility and ease of handling. This important trait has large cost benefi ts. It reduces the time, stress, labour and injuries to man and beast during mustering and in the cattle yards. Direct benefi ts are that bruising is minimized and meat tenderness signifi cantly improved, resulting in much higher $$ returns.